Guidelines of the Tibetan school committee of the Tibetan Community in Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Tibetan School Commission's (TSC) of the Tibetan Community in Switzerland & Liechtenstein (hereinafter TCSL)


The TSC of TGSL should pursue the following objectives:

Foster cooperation among schools and students
to teach the young people, the Tibetan language, religion, culture and political ethical stance
The regional schools offer the opportunity to place orders of uniform textbooks for all Tibetan schools

Preserving the TSC

The TSC consists of an elected member of the Community Meeting (Thümi ") of the TCSL (coordinator of the Tibetan schools), the regional school board members and teachers together.

Meeting and Obligations the TSC

Every year there are at least three meetings, two of these for the school board and once the involvement of teachers in order to optimize the design of teaching. The meetings are all topics that are defined under the objectives, discussed and exchanged views. For the transportation costs of the regional school board members and teachers come to the individual regional schools.

A common organized by all the schools "Tibetan school day" every three years to be organized and the feed conveyor to maintain contact between the students. Not least, the officials do their utmost to improve the teaching of Tibetan language further. At the "Tibetan school day the prices are adequate enough to ensure that the event will cover the costs.

Notice: The guidelines of the TSC is the revised version and was adopted by the Municipal Assembly of TCSL (12th term) in the King years 2133, 27th August 2006 approved by two-thirds majority.
Note: All persons names in this text refer to both sexes.

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