The Regional Parliament in Switzerland

The constitution of the regional parliament in Switzerland was first adopted in 1995.

The regional parliament builds itself up as follows:

. Two representatives are selected from the local sections where there is a minimum member population of at least 18 Tibetan families and a number of one representative is selected from the sections where there are 5 to 17 Tibetan families.

.The choice of the members is accomplished by the local election committee under the supervision of the electoral committee (in accordance with prescribed rules of procedure).

.The chairman and  vice-chairmen are selected from among the selected representatives through a procedure of secret voting in their first Session.

.Sessions take place once in a month. If necessary additional sessions can be called up.

The objectives are

1.An active and engaged participation, within the guidelines of the democratic condition of the Tibetan Government in the exile and under the spiritual and political guidance of His holiness The 14 Dalai lama, at all non violent activities for the regaining of our legitimate rights.

2.Promotion and strengthening of unity and co-operation among the Tibetan and the cooperation with other organizations.

3. Continuation of the democratization processes within the exile community.

4. Promotion of cordial relations between the Swiss and Tibetan.

4. Preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage, with special stress on passing this cultural heritage to the new generation.

5. and lastly the publication of circular, newspapers etc. in accordance with article 12,4) of the Tibetan constitution.