US President Joe Biden visits Swiss

According to, US President Joe Biden was welcomed on Tuesday by Guy Parmelin, current president of Switzerland. Biden was also greeted by other Swiss Officials including Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis.
Biden later sat down and held talks with Parmelin and Cassis. The topics touched upon during the talks were bilateral Swiss-US relations, as well as Us-Russia relations.
The accredited journalists were only able to enter the room for few seconds where Guy Parmelin and Joe Biden were to see them shake hands and joke together. But that moment was very brief, very controlled and under high security.
On Wednesday Biden will head to his highly anticipated summit with his Russian counterpart Putin.
The US-Russia summit will take place at an 18th century villa in the La Grange park near the lakeside.
Security is tight around the location and across the city. The agenda of US-Russian talks has not been revealed.
According to many news channels particularly RTS, the meeting will be the first top-level US-Russia meeting in Geneva since the Reagan-Gorbachev summit in November 1985 and is being hailed as a diplomatic success for Switzerland. The country not only offers neutral ground but also has a long tradition of good offices (initiatives that encourage peace and international cooperation).
According to RTS, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is due to arrive at Geneva airport late in the morning on Wednesday. The summit is supposedly to start around 1 p.m.
The two heads of state will then give separate press conferences.
Vladimir Poutine will also meet the President of the Confederation Guy Parmelin and the Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis, to talk in particular about economy and defense.
Some brief extracts from different news sources of the much awaited meeting between Biden and Putin.

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