UN send fact-finding mission to Tibet now!

6. Aktion: Dialog, jetzt!

In context of the 2 year campaign the sections of Flawil/Uzwil and Münchwilen/Wil went ahead with the sixth event in front of the UNO-building on the Place des Nations. On that sunny Monday (31st of October 2011) 45 people took part in a peaceful demonstration.
First of all we took a moment of silence for the ten brave fellow countrymen, who set themselves on fire out of despair. In the meantime a few of them have passed away. In order to get attention we started chanting slogans and prayers. Mr. Tenzin Katya from the Tibet office was there to support us and deliver a speech to the participants of the demo. In order to get closer to our goal, we gathered signatures and gave away flyers.
It was important for us, that this issue could be transmitted to a generally understandable way and especially in a peaceful way. So we created an image where a “handshake” is shown. This is supposed to represent a handshake between Tibet and China, which we visualized by putting both Flags on the image as well.
The theme of a dialogue is quite difficult to present and perform for an audience. Four participants dressed up as Dr. Lobsang Sangyal, Ew. Gyari Rinpoche, Wen Jiabao and Hu Jintao. The four politicians met in the middle and shook hands as demonstrated on the image.  To announce the presentation and attract more attention, a drum was beaten during the performances.
The surprise among the members on how this issue was presented was huge. However, the appearance was received well and was very effective.
We were able to draw the attention of the many spectators, including many Chinese tourists. Several people photographed the performance.  The biggest astonishment was that a Chinese student from Paris not only signed our petition but even bought a fact-finding T-shirt.
We ended the occasion by singing the Tibetan national hymn. We really hope that a DIALOGUE will be held between Tibet and China in the near future. Photos..

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