Press Release - 120 Participants From 9 European Countries Gather for the Second

The Youth Parliament’s primary aim is totake action and to strengthen the network among the Tibetan youth in Europe. In the Opening Speech Norzin-Lhamo Dotschung, Member of the Organising Committee andPresident of the Tibetan Youth Association in Europe addressed the following:  „Young Tibetans from all over Europe have not shied away from making the effortto make the journey here from far in order to be here in Switzerland to take part in the Second European Tibetan Youth Parliament. What we have in common and what connects us is the will and motivation to work hard for our homeland and to affect change“. The Organising Committee was very happy to welcome the large number of very motivatedand interested young Tibetans. The atmosphere is clearly very positive regarding the powerof Tibetan Youth to take action. In the keynote address by Ven. Thubten Wangchen and Chungdak Koren, Ven. ThubtenWangchen addressed the following: „Unfortunately, this tragic and dramatic action of selfimmolations inside Tibet and India is being repeated. Therefore, the United Nations and leaders of international communities must intervene now to stop Chinese extreme and violent attacks against Tibetans who are simply advocating our basic human rights and freedom“. Chungdak Koren said the following in her keynote: „It is important that we Tibetansappreciate the initiative of the younger generation taking responsibility for the Tibet issue inorganizing such meetings. This is really something that you all deserve more than anything else“.

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