Japanese Charity Donates Eye Surgical Equipments to Delek Hospital

From left: Dr Tseten Dorjee, CMO, Tibetan Delek Hospital, Mr Hiroshi Mashio, chairman of Ashikaga Lions Club, Mr Takashi Kashiwase, governor of ALC and Mr Mitsu Kariware, eye specialist and surgeon during the press conference in Dharamsala on 26 May 20

DHARAMSHALA: Ashikaga Lions Club (ALC), a Japanese charity organisation, had donated Opthalmic Yag Laser System and Auto Refract-Keratometer, two eye surgical equipments to the Tibetan Delek hospital in Dharamsala in January this year.

The officials from both Delek Hospital and the charity announced this to reporters at a press conference held at Delek hospital today.

Taking into consideration the benefits of the vital surgical equipment for the local Indian and the Tibetan people, Delek hospital had donated one of the equipments “Opthalmic Yag Laser System” to Zonal hospital, an Indian government hospital in Dharamsala, the Delek Hospital said.

The Zonal hospital received the equipment in January this year and it has successfully treated around 120 patients, Mitsu Kariware, a Japanese eye specialist and surgeon, told reporters today. 

Hiroshi Mashio, chairman of the Ashikaga Lions Club, said that (ALC) is a charity organisation and they perform various tasks such as operating eye bank. He also added that they will make best efforts to serve the general public.

Dr Tsetan Dorjee, Chief Medical Officer of Delek hospital, thanked the Japanese organisation for providing them with the vital eye surgical equipments.

The organisation has been conducting annual eye surgery camps for the Tibetan and local Indian peoples in Dharamsala in co-ordination with Delek hospital since last eleven years.

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