His Holiness Offers Prayers for New Zealand Quake Victims

Around 5000 people were gathered in Christchurch to hear His Holiness the Dalai Lama today. 

CBS Canterbury Arena staff member said people had been steadily pouring into the stadium since 8:30am for the Tibetan spiritual leader's midday speech. 

During the arrival of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Christchurch airport, his supporters came to greet him. Some people were in tears, while others offered white scarves as blessings. 

This morning His Holiness told about a dozen media that he was grieving alongside the broken city of Christchurch. 

He said "When you face some tragedy, and lose near ones and some damage, being a friend it’s my duty to come and share in your sadness”.

Speaking ahead of a free public event at midday, His Holiness urged the people of Christchurch to look forward with determination and build a new city that will be even more happier than that of  before. 

He said New Zealanders had always shown a genuine sense of concern for their fellow countrymen. 

He urged people who lost loved ones in the earthquake to look to the future with a great sense of energy and enthusiasm. 

His Holiness will visit earthquake victims and emergency staff at Christchurch Hospital after his speech.

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