Chinese-Tibetan Friendship Associations in Australia and New Zealand Congratulate New Kalon Tripa

The Chinese democracy advocates and the Chinese-Tibetan Friendship Associations in Australia and New Zealand have congratulated Dr Lobsang Sangay on being elected as new Kalon Tripa by the Tibetan people.  

 CANBERRA: In a congratulatory message conveyed through the Office of Tibet based in Canberra on 30 April, the group said: “The Chinese democracy advocates and the Chinese-Tibetan Friendship Association in Australia and New Zealand extend our hearty congratulations to Dr Lobsang Sangay for being elected as the new Kalon Tripa by the Tibetans through democratic elections.”

 They praised the election as a significant change from hundreds of year old traditional system of governance and a consistent advancing step towards democracy by the Tibetan people.

 It also commended the great efforts made by the Tibetans on democracy, human rights and in steering the Tibetan society towards a positive future.

 Moreover, the strong support and appreciation earned by His Holiness the Dalai Lama from the world leaders, parliamentarians and democracy advocates have pushed the Central Tibetan Administration towards a prominent position on the international platform and ushered modern democracy in the exile community, they said.

 The Chinese group also criticised the repression imposed by the Chinese government on Tibet, including the recent crackdown on the Tibetan monks at Kirti monastery in northeastern Tibet, is a strategy to suppress other minority nationalities in China. 

 Considering the issue of Tibet as national issue of China, they said the problems faced by the Tibetan and other minority nationalities would remain unsolved as long as the authoritarian rule by the Chinese communists exists. Till then, the Tibetan people would not able to see the light of freedom, human rights and happiness, they said in the message.

 In the congratulatory message, they spoke about the efforts being made by the Chinese democracy advocates living in free countries in taking interest in the issue of Tibet and in deepening cooperation with the office of Tibet by establishing Chinese-Tibetan Friendship Associations.

 They solemnly vowed to strengthen the activities of the friendship associations and efforts towards to usher democracy in China and a genuine harmony in Tibet.

 They offered prayers for His Holiness the Dalai Lama's long and healthy life, and wish success for the new Kashag (cabinet).



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