Peace Candle March in Central Swiss (Luzern)

distributed leaflets about the greats Martyrs including recently two Tibetans set their bodies on fire in eastern Tibet and also current political situition in Tibet.

The purpose for organising TGSL Section Luzern this Peace Candle light March in the evening, is to show support and solidarity
with the plight of people inside Tibet and specially to commemorate the greats martyrs who shouting slogans calling for Human Rights and the long life of Tibet's spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and self-immolated in Tibet since March 2011.

And as you all know very well. Red Chinese government tightened more security in our Mother Land, deploying additional
security forces instead the solving those problems of HUMAN RIGHTS.

So, i always think, We the Tibetan who live in abroad must stand up to make more awareness about those issue in the greater

To night, i think almost two hundreds people including swiss nationalties were participed in this Peace Candle March in
Luzern to show support and solidarity for those martyrs and Tibet issue. Really it give us more encouragement in future to organised such Activities for our Beloved Nation cause.

Once again very thanks for GSTF Frau Gabriela Hofer for supporting.་Photos..

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