Werbung auf Tibetswiss.ch aufschalten

Please follow the following guidelines to publish Ad or Event announcement on tibetswiss website and you are requested to send your advertisement to web@tibetswiss.ch


  1. Every Ad or event announcement should have a title in three languages Tibetan, German & English.
  2. A non refundable Ad fee should be paid in advance.


  1. Ad or Event announcement may have a Flyer image, which will be shown on the detail page.
  2. Your Ad content can be Text, Image or PDF, which will be shown on the detail page.
  3. On top of Flyer image, it is recommended to send along a small teaser image of the Ad.

Ad Fees:

  1. Initial cost for a Ad placement on tibetswiss.ch is CHF 50.- and it is valid for a month.
  2. For each subsequent month Ad charge is CHF 50.-
  3. An Ad placement for more than 12 months shall be granted with 20% reduction in fees.

Bank Account:

Newsletter of Tibetan Community in Switzerland,
8487 Rämismühle
Post Account No.: 90‐134630‐2
IBAN: CH84 0900 0000 9013 4630 2


  1. If it is an event announcement and appropriate, your Ad. may also appear in the calendar view.
  2. Your Ad or Event announcement may be promoted in the tibetswiss Facebook page.


If you don’t send us your own teaser image or event title in all languages, we may create a title and teaser image, which may not reflect the exact wording of your choice. Any work, apart from the standard advertisement publication workflow, incurred will be charged accordingly.