Tibetans in Switzerland commemorate the 59th Anniversary of Tibetan Democracy Day

Rikon: Saturday, 7th September 2019: The Tibetan Community in Switzerland and Liechtenstein (TCSL) organized a commemoration ceremony on Saturday, 7th September 2019 at Rikon (Switzerland), on the occasion of 59th anniversary of Tibetan Democracy day. At about 1.00 pm started the Ceremony by welcoming a portrait of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to the altar on the stage with Dhung and Gyaling. Tibetan National Anthem led by Swiss Dhoekar (Tibetan Folklore Ensemble of TCSL) followed by a minute of Silence for all the Martyrs of Tibet was observed. After the Tashi Sholpa Performance from Tibetan Folklore Ensemble (TCSL), prayer ceremony for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and well being of all sentient being was led by the monastic community of Tibet Institute Rikon.

Dignitaries present on the ceremony includes Ven Thupten Legmen, Khen Rinpoche (Abbot of Rikon Tibet Institute), Mr Chiimey Rigzen, Representative of Tibet Bureau Geneva, Mr Samdho Jampa, Europe Chitue, former Chitues, Representative of various NGOs. More than 300 people attended the Ceremony in high spirit.

Mr Tsamda Norbu, President of Tibetan Community of Switzerland&Liechtenstein opened the Ceremony with a welcome Speech. He requested all the Tibetans to ensure that they do not neglect by heedlessness the sacred and valuable democratic system that has been gifted by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Rather, they should bring a sense of responsibility over it and act to work towards its continued further progress and success. The official statement of Kashag (Central Tibetan Administration Dharamsala) on this occasion was read by Mr. Chiimey Rigzen, Representative of Tibet Bureau, Geneva. He urges Tibetans to respect our Democratic system and to remain observant and to commit to playing a constructive role in the democratic process. Mr Samdho Jampa, Europe Chitue read the official statement of Tibetan Parliament in Exile. He thanked all the Tibetan community in Europe and NGO`s for their concern on Tibetans in Nepal who are restricted to celebrate His Holiness the Dalai Lama`s Birthday. He also requested all the Swiss Tibetans to vote for the candidate who support Tibetans on next coming up parliamentary Election. Other Dignitaries who spoke on the occasion were: Khen Rinpoche Ven Thupten Legmen, Ms. Lhawang Ngorkhangsar, Vice President, Swiss Tibetan Friendship Association, Ms Dekyi Santamaria, President SwissTibetan Woman Association. Ms. Tenzin Dechen Khampo (Europe Tibetan Youth Association) Unity is the most important and instead of losing ourselves in our day to day life schedule, we must try to take time to serve our community, stated Khen Rinpoche, Ven Thupten Legmen.

Cultural Programs were performed by Tibetan Folklore Ensemble (Swiss Dhoekar) and three Provinces of Tibet  (Dhotoe, Dhomey and Uetsang)

Annual Reports were presented by following Boardmembers
Mr. Chokchampa Phuntsok, Vice President of Tibetan Community in Switzerland
Mr. Tsewatsang Gyamtso (Director of Tibetan School) Section Bern
Mr. Kamba Thukten (Greenbook) Section Glarus
Mr. Shitsetsang Lobsang (External Service) Section Rüti
Mr. Yeshi Choder (Director Folklore) Section St. Gallen
Ms. Karma Choekyi (Accountant) Section Volketswil
Mr. Wakar Tsering (Director of Newsletter) Section Zürich
Mr. Tseten Ngodup Gonpa (Cashier) Section Rüti/Rapperswil

After the dinner, Question&Answer session was organized, which was open to everyone to ask questions to the Dignitaries / Officials includes: Ven Thupten L egmen, Abbot Tibet Institute Rikon, Mr Chiimey Rigzen, Representative Tibet Bureau Geneva, Mr Samdho Jampa, Europe Chitue, Mr Tsamda Norbu, President TCSL, Mr. Chokchampa Phuntsok, Vice President TCSL and all the Thumis. The public were given an opportunity to ask questions and share their opinions.

As part of the democratic process, the Kashag and the Tibetan parliament-in-Exile will be convening the Third Special General Meeting of Tibetans from 3rd October to 5th October in Dharamsala. The meeting will discuss and gather public opinion on the below given Points. Although public in Switzerland can submit their opinions on written but today on this occasion, were given an opportunity to ask Questions on these two key themes:

1. Five-Fifty Vision of Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala.
2. The relationship between the lineage of His Holiness the Dalai Lamas and Tibetan people.

Vote of thanks was given by Mr. Tsamda Norbu, President of Tibetan Community in Switzerland & Liechtensten.

At the end the stage was open for Gorshay, led by Nelung Tsering Topden, it lasted till 10.30pm.


Statement of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile on the Occasion of the 59th Anniversary of Tibetan Democracy of the Tibetan People in Exile

Kashag’s Statement on the 59th Anniversary of Tibetan Democracy Day

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