Tibetan MP calls for massive protests

DHARAMSHALA, February 2: Speaking at a candle light vigil yesterday in Dharamshala, a member of the Tibetan parliament called for massive protests in the exile community in solidarity with the ongoing critical situation inside Tibet.

"While Tibetans in Tibet revolt against the Chinese government risking their lives, it is time for the exile Tibetans to rise up and do what they can for Tibet," Geshe Monlam Tharchin said.

"Many exiles complain that our Central Tibetan Administration is not doing enough for the plight of the people inside Tibet, but we have already planned a series of activities in the coming weeks," Geshe Tharchin said. “So, now we need the Tibetan public to participate in all the upcoming activities for Tibet."

Citing the detention of CNN crew by Chinese security personnel a few days ago in the undersieged areas of eastern Tibet, the Tibetan parliamentarian said that China is trying to hide its atrocities from the outside world.

The Dharamshala based Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile last week said that its members will sit on a day-long fast on the first day of the Tibetan New Year which falls on February 22.

In a show of support and solidarity with the people inside Tibet, the Central Tibetan Administration has called for a global vigil on Wednesday, February 8.

Around five hundred Tibetans, including the speaker of Tibetan parliament, Penpa Tsering, attended the candle light vigil which was organised by the committee of Drango people here in the town.

After the candle light protest, the CNN video clip showing growing security surveillance and increased military crackdown in eastern Tibet was shown.

Following the series of self-immolations and protests that accounted for at least a dozen dead Tibetans due to police firings last week, Beijing has stepped up security in monasteries, villages, and towns in other regions of Tibet.

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