Tibetan in Rebkong burns self to death in anti-China protest

Dharamshala, March 17: In the latest report of self-immolation protest coming from Tibet, a Tibetan man is said to have burned himself to death earlier today in an apparent anti-China protest.
A Tibetan identified as Sonam Dargyal alias Soelo allegedly set himself alight around 9:40 (local time) today near Rongpo Monastery in Rebkong County in Manlho prefecture in Qinghai Province of what is traditionally known among Tibetans as Domed province, according to Dorje Wangchuk, a Tibetan researcher here, who cited witnesses.

“Spectators at the site of the protest tried to extinguish the fire on Dargyal’s body but he died due to severe burning,” Wangchuk quoted eyewitnesses as saying.

“The fire is so big that it has engulfed the entire body of Dargyal and his stomach tore apart causing him to die at the scene,” witnesses further told.

Dargyal reportedly demanded “return of Dalai Lama to Tibet” as he set himself on fire.

According to witnesses, security forces reportedly arrived at the fiery protest site to quell the masses that gathered in solidarity with the latest victim but backed off after seeing thousands of emotionally-charged and angry Tibetans.

The Tibetans that gathered offered prayers in honor of Dargyal, who is the 30th Tibetan since 2009, to take to this extreme step of expressing what exile Tibetan groups say is the degree of repression and consequent desperation felt by Tibetans living under Chinese rule.

44 year old Dargyal, who leaves behind his wife and three children, is described by people close to him, as highly loyal to Dalai Lama and often acts as a “cohesive force” betw

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