The Local Assembly (Second-years) 2nd Annual Meeting of Tibetan Community of Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Zürich, 1st Feb 2020: The IInd annual meeting of the Local Tibetan Assembly of 17th Executive members of Tibetan Community in Switzerland &Liechtenstein‘s second year was held today in Binz Office, Zürich.

The meeting began at 10am and lasted till 12 am.

Secretary Mr.Tashi Dawa Meling read and explained the meeting's schedule followed by solcha and dresil. Tibetan National Anthem was sung followed by a minute of silence for the martyrs of Tibet.

Mr.Tsamda Norbu, President of Tibetan community of Switzerland & Liechtenstein presided over the meeting. He shared and spoke on the success they achieved together in these two years. On their second running year, they had the honour to receive and organise meeting with Tibetans in Switzerland with dignitaries like: Home Minister Sonam Topgyal Khorlatsang, Central Tibetan Administration Dharamsala; Chief Election Commissioner Mr.Sonam Choephel Shosur; Ven Thupten Wangchen, Europe Parliament member; and former Political Prisoner Mr.Dhondup Wangchen etc.

All the Thuemis (Representatives) took part in the discussions and shared their opinion and views on various issues that came up during the meeting.

Some of the major issues were: current situation in Tibet and the future of Tibetan in Tibet and Exile

Tibetans current situation and the future were discussed at length with keen interest in general and in Switzerland in particular. A way to tackle with the problem of people criticizing His Holiness the Dalai Lama was also discussed.

All the Local Assembly members actively took part in the discussion and issued two official statements.

The 2nd Annual Local Assembly meeting of the 17th executive member on their second running year issued two official statements.

  1. If anyone criticise and do something against wellbeing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, serious action will be taken. If necessary, under the guidance of Representative of Tibet Bureau Geneva, legal action as per the law of Switzerland will be taken.
  2. To make Tibetan community of Switzerland & Liechtenstein stable and sustainable, donation or contribution shall be solicited.

During the meeting it was discussed to improve the financial situation of the Swiss Tibetan community and it was decided on 18th January 2020, during Thuemi meeting ,all the Tibetans above 18th years of age shall contribute 10 Swiss Franc each annually.


Nyima Arya

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