The Latest Case of Self-Immolation Makes the Kashag to Urge China to Solve Problems and Stop Baseless Allegations

The Kashag is deeply saddened by the latest case of self-immolation by Palden Choetso (Choesang), a nun from Tawu Gaden Choeling nunnery, near Nyitso monastery in eastern Tibet. She was 35 years old.
On behalf of the Tibetans-in-exile, the Kashag would like to offer it's heartfelt condolences to her family members. As a mark of respect, the Kashag and the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile will jointly organise a prayer ceremony for all those departed souls at 9:00 am tomorrow at Tsuklakhang.
The Kashag would like to make it clear that it stands in solidarity with the Tibetan people in Tibet who endure continued suppression under the Chinese authorities, whose short-sighted policies have driven till now eleven Tibetans to set themselves on fire.
Instead of addressing the real problems that drive Tibetans to commit self-immolations, Xinhua, the official news organ of the Chinese government, blames the Tibetans-in-exile for instigating such desperate and despairing acts. The Kashag strongly urges the Chinese government to stop hurling baseless allegations and to start solving the real problems. People's Republic of China can do this by stopping it's repressive policy on Tibetan and allowing more freedom of religion and speech.
Kashag reiterates its earlier appeal that China should accept independent delegations and media to travel to examine the situation and allow medical teams to give treatment to those hurt.

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