Teaching of Buddhism at Tibetan Institute, Rikon

Rikon: Saturday 11th May 2019, Tibetan Language and Culture School of Aargau section and the Tibet-Institute Rikon organized a Teaching cum workshop on Tibetan Buddhism. Around 65 members including Aargau Tibetan Language Student, Teachers, and their Parents and Board members of Aargau attended the workshop.

The children received the teaching on religion in general and Buddhism in particular in the morning. Five major schools of Tibetan Buddhism (Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, Geluk, and Bon ) were explained and discussed. Some of the basic principle and practices of Buddhism and meditation were introduced to the children. The main theme was on basic teachings, such as ethics (avoiding the ten non-virtuous actions) and how to avoid them. Buddhist teachings should start with the most basic foundational teachings first and gradually proceed to master the tenets.

As the morning session was for the children, the Parents recited prayers for the long Life and wellbeing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In the afternoon the parents participated and received the teachings. After the teaching, the question & answer session was held in which all those attendances participated with great interest.

After the teachings, a delicious vegetarian lunch was served; it was prepared by some of the Board members and Parents. The Board members heartily thanked Khen Rinpoche and the monks for giving them the opportunity to organize such teaching. Director of the Tibet Institute Rikon, Ms. Karma Lobsang has also attended the teaching event. Aargau association bearded the travel expenses of all those who attended the teaching event.

The event concluded with a positive note and with a great sense of community feeling.

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