Section Rikon Tibetan School Annual Examination

Tibetan School from section Rikon conducted its annual Tibetan examination on 13th Feb. 2011 under the supervision of schools principal Gashi Thubten la and Tibetan teacher Mr. Jampa la.

There are at present 21 students studying at the school. These students are mainly taught different ways of writing tibetan scripts like U-chen , U-Meh and Kyug-Yi. As one can see in the photos student were also examined of their tibetan reading and writing abilities. 

Test papers are checked and graded by Ex teacher Gen Choezeh la and Changchup la. During the examination 2 Thumni (section representative in local parlament of TCSL) were also present as per requirement laid down in the Rikon sections regulations.

Final results will be anounced during the Losar celebration infront of community members. First, Second and Third best students will be awarded with 50, 45 an 40 Swiss Francs respectively. Rest of the students will be also rewarded with 20 Francs and Khada each from Rikon Tibetan Community for their hard works. More in pictures.

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