Second Peace March in Switzerland (Bern to Geneva)

After Solo March by Mr.Tsering Wangdue from Winterthur, seven more Tibetans have started Peace March on 25th June 2020 to create awareness about China`s human rights violations in Tibet.

Mr.Lobsang Dargye and Mr. Dorje Ngodup from Bern, Mr. Tenam Phuntsok from Zürich, Mr. Tashi Namgyal from Aargau,Ms.Tseten Choedon and her daughter Miss. Rinchen Palmo from  Austria took part in this second Peace march in Switzerland.

This five day Peace March is intended to make aware of the COVID-19 outbreak, which turned into an international pandemic .The entire global community is now paying the price for Beijing`s oppressive rule and closed society. They also stand in solidarity with India and strongly condemn China over recent India-Tibet border clash in Galwan Valley, Ladakh,where at least 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives.

Some points the protesters wanted to urge through this five days March are:

  1. The Chinese Communist Government should be held accountable for the deaths of millions due to catastrophe Virus ( COVID-19)
  2. The international community should boycott “Made in China” products and raise the economic pressure on China.
  3. Calls on global institutions to come together in solidarity through this global crisis and in its aftermath, to ensure that freedom and human rights are upheld.
  4. The international community should reject the Chinese government`s model of surveillance, control and manipulation.
  5. It is high time that Swiss government and people recognize the real face of China.

They started their March from Bern on 25th June, section Zürich offered Lunch, tea and CHF 200.-with Ashey Khatak. The journey spanned from Bern, Fribourg, and Lausanne to Geneva. They would conclude their peace march in front of UN office in Geneva.

Whole Peace march can be watched live on

Please open your eyes, don`t trust Communist China

Tibetans all over the world are protesting and organizing peace march not only for Tibet but for the benefit of whole world:
The repressive security and surveillance measures that have been put in place to prevent the spread of information and opinions that challenge China`s constructed narrative around the origination of the coronavirus and its handling of what has unfolded into a global crisis. The domestic and international propaganda efforts being rolled out by China, including its rush to declare victory in its struggle against the coronavirus which affects extremely repressed people like Tibetans and Uyghurs , as well as Chinese citizen who is seen by the Chinese Communist Party to challenge their absolute control at this time. Breifing on the People`s Republic of China`s escalating repressive agenda in the age of the novel coronavirus. Chinese Communist regime could have prevented the pandemic if it had not suppressed the truth, destroyed evidence and lied to the world. And the pandemic is still not over.


Nyima Arya


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