Peace March by Mr Tsering Wangdue from Winterthur, Switzerland

Winterthur: Wednesday 29th May2020: Mr. Tsering Wangdue from Winterthur has started a peace march to attract global attention on Tibet. One Person March began on Wednesday 29th May 2020 from his home town Winterthur. He intends to set his march from Winterthur, Zürich, Luzern, Bern, and Fribourg and at the end to Geneva where he wants to submit his petition letter to United Nations Office (UNO) at Geneva.

Mr. Tsering Wangdue took out a peace march to draw attention to the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Some of his chief concern which he wants to urge whole world through his one person march are:

  • To take multilateral action against Beijing and to take stronger political stand when dealing with China.
  • To Boycott Chinese Product, specially We Chat and Tiktok etc
  • To realize the truth “Chinese lack of transparency on the COVID-19 pandemic”
  • To recognize Tibet as a separate, independent country that remains under China’s illegal occupation.
  • Make China accountable 2020
  • China lies people dies
  • Together we are strong
  • Boycott China
  • Free Tibet

Mr Tsering Wangdue started this march alone without much preparation as he was devastated how Chinese made whole World suffer through COVID-19.  Tsering Wangdue a young and patriotic Tibetan said that the world needs to hear the truth about Tibet. Tibetan people have been suffering under Chinese rule for more than 60 years. He is marching with a Bag and carrying Tibetan Flag and placards of “Boycott China”

He cannot say how long this march will take as it depends on his health and current situation. Actually he seems to have a problem with his foot but he is determined to precede his peace march.

His elder son Tenzin Thutop supports his father by updating this march through media like Face book. Due to his son’s media coverage, Mr Wangdue received some help from Tibetan community and some private Mr. Tenzin Jangchup from Winterthur supported him by joining his march.

Mr Tsering Wangdue took participation on Bicycle tour from Zürich, Switzerland to Frankfurt, Germany for free Tibet in the year 2009 and he also took part in Peace march for burning Tibet from Bern to Geneva on 12th December 2012.

Tsering Wangdue Contact number: 078 701 45 45

By Nyima Arya

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