National day celebration speech of a Tibetan in Oetwil am See

Member of the TCSL-section Oetwil am See and ex-parliament member Ngawang Gangshontsang was asked to hold a speech on this year’s national day celebration in Oetwil am See.

Ngawang Gangshontsang speaks about the national day from a refugee’s perspective that lost his country to China and who’s lived in Oetwil am See for almost five decades. During his speech he points out the similarities as well as differences between Switzerland and Tibet. In particular he highlights the fact that there are no rights to freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and self-determination in Tibet; while Switzerland is ruled democratically.

Furthermore he indicates the increasing number of self-immolations, which reflects the desperation of the Tibetans who live in Tibet. Through his speech, Ngawang Gangshontsang reminds of the difficult situation in Tibet and the fact, that the Tibetans who live in Switzerland are undoubtedly lucky. In the end, he thanks the community in Oetwil, the initiators at that time and the authorities for their helpfulness and solidarity in the name of the Tibetan community in Oetwil am See.

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