Many Students Seriously Injured in Massive Protest in Tibet

Fresh reports coming out of Tibet say many Tibetan students have been severely injured in the police crackdown during a massive protest by students against the Chinese government’s wrong policies at Chabcha (Ch: Gonghe) in Tsolho in north-eastern Tibet.

Thousands of students of Sorig Lobling (Medical School) took to the streets at Chabcha around 6:00 am Monday and raised slogans demanding equality, freedom and leadership change. Many students have been seriously wounded in the ensuing crackdown by armed police and security forces. Those injured were taken to the local hospital. Photos show an injured student being carried on a stretcher, while another with bandaged forehead in the hospital.

The parents could not contact their children as the security forces have sealed off the school.

The Central Tibetan Administration urges the Chinese authorities to exercise utmost restraint in dealing with the peaceful demonstration by the Tibetan students, and address their grievances through dialogue.

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