“Kneeling Down” Appeal to the United Nations on Behalf of the Tibetans in Tibet

Press Statement:

Ever since the occupied rule of Tibet by the Chinese Communist in 1949, more than 1.2 million Tibetans have lost their lives and have suffered extreme basic human rights violation. The Tibetans inside Tibet have undergone racial extermination, destruction of environment and monasteries, economic marginalisation and dislocation of nomadic herders.Beginning from 1987 to 2008 the peaceful protests of the Tibetan people have been repeatedly met with imposed undeclared martial law. Hence, the Tibetans have started the self immolation, not to cause violence to any Chinese people involved but with the sole intention of showing their suffering through the sacrifice of our own lives. The number of immolation have now risen to 70, an astounding world record in the history of human struggle. The immolators, who are as young as 15 years of age, are sacrificing their lives in trying to show the plight and the grim situation of the people inside Tibet.

If the United Nations still respect their fundamental aims and objectives, it is also our belief that the organisation will listen to the humble call for basic human rights and the cry for help. We also urge support and recognition of the constant appeal of the Central Exile Tibetan Administration (CTA) in India and the plight of the Tibetan people inside Tibet.In order to make the attempts of a meaningful dialogue of the CTA effective and to bring a positive result, we strongly request the United Nations, the governments of different nations, the people of the world, and especially the people of China to take this matter into serious consideration.

If a concrete response to the pledges for a dialogue is still missing, the Tibetan people are sure to come to an end to their patience. We, the younger generations inside and outside of Tibet, are fully aware that we will never ever forget this unbearable pain and the neverending cause. Therefore, in order to help alleviate the plight of the Tibetans inside Tibet, we, on their behalf literally kneel down in front you and put forward the following appeal. However, if there is no concrete response to our request, we will have to resort to burning the fire of self immolation in front of the United Nations office at Geneva.

The United Nations must discuss the issue of Tibet based on the resolutions that it has passed in 1959, 1961 and 1965, and continuously make efforts to fulfill the substantances of these resolutions.The United Nations must not only request the Chinese governmnent to facilitate the UN official fact finding mission and access to free media, but must also implement on it.The United Nations must actively create an official stage for a meaningful dialogue between Dr. Lobsang Sangay, political leader of Tibet and the Chinese Government.The United Nations must act on the release of Panchen Lama and all the political prisoners of Tibet.

Lastly, we would like to emphasise that we are bringing forth this earnest request on behalf of the Tibetans in Tibet and we sincerely hope that our pledge will be taken into serious consideration.

Thank You



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