Information on Tibetan Culture, Tradition and Language by Tibetan Weekend School,Aargau, Switzerland

Aargau: Sunday, 8th Sept 2019: Tibetan language and culture section of Tibetan community of Aargau organized an Information day on Tibetan Culture, Tradition and Language at Aargau.

The event started at about 10 am with a prayer and Tibetan National Anthem by the cultural Student, Parents and Teachers. The director of Weekend Tibetan schools explained the importance of the event and expressed his gratitude to the parents who took responsibility to encourage their Children to maintain our rich Culture and Language. Open discussion were also organized. The event was attended by some westerners/ Swiss people who participated with keen interest by asking questions.

Some of the points related to Tibetan Culture, Religion, Language and Tradition highlighted today were:
1. About the Tibetan Prayer room.
2. About the Buddhas Thangka
3.Offerings of Water,Incense and Lamp on Altar
4.Explanation on Tibetan /Buddhist Flag
5.Benefits of Lungta 6. Reason why Tibetan woman wears Pangden( Apron over Chupa)
7. Tibetan tradional Food, Tsampa and how to make Pak from Tsampa.
8. How Tibetan people greets generally.
9. How to respect Tibetan Buddhist Relics.
10 How to make Tibetan tea with Dhongmo.
11. Importance of Khatak( White Scarf) and when it is used.etc.

Parents of the weekend Tibetan School made some special dishes and brought it to the event for the guest and participants. Everyone enjoyed the delicious and different varieties of dishes.

The Guests visited the weekend Class rooms. They appreciated the children for their interest and effort to learn about their culture and language. Swiss Tibetan Friendship Association supported the event with drinks and ice cream for the Children.

The Event ended successfully at about 2pm with Sangsoel and Gorshay.

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