Flashmob in Zürich: Action Theme: no freedom, no democracy, no human right

Zürich, Saturday, 30th October 2021: As part of the nobeijing Olympics 2022 campaign, the Tibetan Community of Switzerland&Liechtenstein( TGSL)organized a Flashmob at some specified places in Zürich ( Zürich mainstation, Landesmusium,Paradeplatz, Bellevue) on Saturday 30th October,2021.

Flashmob started at 11.30am and concluded successfully at 3pm.

The TGSL started its monthly protest action in July with a street theatre art at Helvetiaplatz, Zürich against the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing by presenting and raising awareness on the situation in Tibet.

Tibetans urge Governments, Sponsors, Athletes, and National Olympic Committees to Denounce China’s Crimes against Humanity and Pledge Not to Attend the Games

Governments can no longer ignore the fact that China is not a fit host for the Olympic Games and the only course of action is to boycott Beijing 2022. By attending the Games China’s leaders will take it as an endorsement of their genocidal and repressive policies, and life for Tibetans,Uyhgurs, Hong Kongers, Chinese rights activists and all targeted peoples will get even worse. As long as the IOC refuses to cancel or move the Games, boycott is the only option.

“Just as World governments are coming to realise China’s genocidal practice on Uyghurs, and the repression in Tibet, Hong Kong, and Southern Mongolia, they should also support these impacted communities and take coordinated action to send China a unified message that they will not stand by as China commits these crimes. It is time for leaders with a conscience to take a strong stance and make things right by carrying out a complete boycott of the Beijing 2022 Olympics.”

“The actions today are welcome and must be heeded by governments but also National Olympic Associations. When it comes to genocide, there is no separating politics from sport – there must be a full boycott the CCP’s Olympics. The IOC has put athletes in an impossible position by insisting that the Games go ahead in Beijing, fully aware that athletes’ very presence will be used as propaganda and where even mild protest will put them at risk of arrest. If the IOC won’t rectify its horrific error of judgment then national Olympic Associations must step in and say no to Beijing 2022 – to protect both human rights and their own athletes.”

Nyima Arya

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