Flame of truth in the Swiss Capital of Bern

Flame of truth in Bern 03 Nov 2012

The Flame of Truth arrived today, on november 3rd 2012, to a warm reception at the city of Bern, the political capital of Switzerland.

Arriving in the ubiquitous red car that has also become a trademark of its european leg of journey, Venerable Kusho Wangchen la, member of the Tibetan parliament from Europe was welcomed by around 800 Tibetans and supporters who had gathered from various parts of Switzerland.

The torch had arrived in Switzerland yesterday at Zurich continuing the last leg of its european journey which will end finally at the city of Geneva tomorrow. Besides the four organizational representatives of TCSL, TWA Switzerland, European Tibetan Youth Association and Tibet Swiss Friendship Association, which jointly organizes and hosts the rally in Switzerland, the torch today was welcomed by the Swiss National Councillor Green Party Canton Bern Mrs. Franziska Teuscher and Wyss Ursula National Councillor SP Party of Canton Bern. Both in their addresses to the crowd extended their sympathy for the Tibetan cause and promised their support for the relay and its message. Kusho Wangchen la in his address urged the international community for a stronger show of support for the cause in practical and concrete terms. He also thanked Madam Pillay of the UNHRC for her recent statement urging China to step up and correct its misguided policies in Tibet.

President and  Vice President of the Tibetan Community of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Mr. Lobsang Gangshontsang and Mr. Sampa Dhondup la were also present at the rally to lend their services and solidarity.

The gathered joined monks from the Rikon monastic institute for a prayer ceremony of Dentsik Monlam to pay homage for the 62 self immolators and countless other struggling for freedom in Tibet. The rally ended with the freeing of thousands of air balloons in air carrying the message of the torch hoping it would land someplace where it would find a ready ear and a kind heart that would blossom in support for the just cause of Tibet.


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