Chinese Liaison Officer Tsultrim Gyatso participates in "China’s Trend After the CCP‘s 20th Congress" held in New York

Thursday, 3rd November 2022:New York: Four U.S-based Chinese federations jointly organised a seminar titled ‘China’s Trend After the CCP’s 20th Congress on 29 October. The  Federation for a Democratic China and All-China Women’s Federation led the seminar, which was participated by prominent Chinese activists, researchers and analysts like Wei Jingsheng, Chen Guangcheng, Chen Pokong, Rui-Qing Wang and many others.
Among the participants was also the Chinese Liaison Officer Tsultrim Gyatso of Washington’s Office of Tibet, who raised the situation of Tibet as part of the context of CCP’s future trend.

The participants in the seminar unitedly spoke about the forceful eviction of Hu Jintao from the General Assembly, calling such an act despicable and reprehensible on the part of the present leaders and representatives.

Prof. Jin Zhong said the situation was ‘unimaginable.’ Human rights activist Wei Jinsheng called out the Red Chinese Government’s injudicious treatment of the masses, especially the marginalised ones. He pointed out in despair that the Xi government’s adoption of centralised power to rule caused more difficulties in China.

Chinese civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng said happy days in China would only happen once the communist government ceases to exist. While many spoke of the current difficulties in China’s political system, others speculated this would lead to the fragmentation of the Xi government.
Chinese liaison officer Tsultrim Gyatso pointed out that the exclusion of Tibet from the discussion during CCP’s 20th Congress and the failure of the Xi government to nurture Tibetan leaders to oversee the welfare of Tibetans was, in fact, a failure of the 60 years of their illegal occupation of Tibet.
He further reminded the gathering that the vigorous demonstrators against the Zero Covid Policy in China are mostly Chinese. “Had the Tibetans initiated the demonstration, they would have been effectively suppressed and gunned down,” Tsultrim added and alleged that such practice of ethnic division has resulted in self-immolations by Tibetans. In his concluding remarks, Tsultrim Gyatso conveyed embedded hopes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan administration and the Tibetan people in the people of China.

Reported by OOT, Washington

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