WASHINGTON — China on Tuesday warned the United States to show caution in its handling of restive Tibet as the world's two largest economies met for wide-ranging talks.

Executive Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun said that US leaders assured Beijing's delegation during the two-day dialogue in Washington that the United States considers Tibet to be part of China.

"We hope that the US side will keep its word on its commitments and cautiously and properly deal with Tibet-related issues," Zhang told reporters.

China has been trying to isolate Tibet's spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, who fled Beijing's rule of his homeland in 1959. The Buddhist monk is widely respected in the United States, where he is currently on a lecture tour.

Tibetan protesters have taken to the streets of Washington during the talks, demanding that China ensure the freedom of monks at the Kirti monastery in Sichuan province.

Activists say that authorities recently sealed off the monastery after an anti-government protest and beat to death two Tibetans who tried to protect the monks.

The United States has voiced concern about human rights during the two-day talks, which come as China carries out one of its most sweeping crackdowns on dissent in years

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