China Faces Criticism at United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva

Geneva, 22 June, 2016: On Wednesday afternoon session, China has once again faced severe criticism from the western world failing to meet the international human rights standard by narrowing space for civil society in recent adoption of foreign NGOs law and national security laws in this ongoing 32nd Session of UN Human Rights Council under Agenda Item 4: Human Rights Situation Requiring Council Attention.

Mr. Keith Harpar, Ambassador and US Permanent Representative of Human Rights Council while delivering statement says “We are also deeply concerned that China’s new Law on the Management of Foreign NGO Activities will further narrow space for civil society and about excessive government controls on religious practices, especially those affecting Tibetan Buddhists, Uighur Muslims, and Christians. For detail see at

EU has also expressed strong remarks on China’s human rights violation saying that “In China, ongoing detention and harassment of human rights defenders, lawyers, journalist, labour rights defenders and their families remains a major concern…… The recent adoption of the national security packages including the counter terrorist law further raises serious question about China’s respect international human rights obligation.

Statement further says that the EU expect China to implement accepted UPR recommendations including relation to ensuring safe and enabling environment to civil society including foreign NGOs. The EU also urges China to respect cultural diversity and freedom of religion or belief especially in Tibet and Shinkyang.

Germany also expressed remarks allianing itself with statement of the EU saying “Germany remains deeply concern about the ongoing human rights violation throughout China in particularly in Xinjiang and Tibet.. Country’s massive economic and social transition, civil society needs more space to operate freely.

Germany urges China to immediately release so imprisoned for peacefully exercising their rights including freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of religion and to critically review all laws contradiction country’s international human rights obligation including recently adopted security laws.

Switzerland also join hands with other western world to criticize China on human rights situation saying “in China, Switzerland welcome the effort made by the government for economic development and for education people or region where minorities lives.

Switzerland further shown concern about restrictions on exercising rights to freedom of religion, expression and freedom of movement for national minorities particularly Tibetan and Uyghur region.

Switzerland call upon China to guarantee fundamental rights of all individual including members of ethnic human rights minorities.

France also shown serious concern of increase in arrest of several society militants and lawyers including series of force disappearance abroad and in Hong Kong.

France call upon China for dialogue with local power person to resolve deep underlying causes of tension in Tibet and in Xinjiang.

Czech Republic also stated that in China, the recently adopted laws on foreign NGOs threatens to further erode of civil society space. Czech Republic calls on China to release human rights defenders.

Whereas Canada also strongly stated that remains concern for China’s foreign NGOs laws does not recognize the intrinsic value of civil society in driving innovation, promoting stability and advancing human rights. Canada call on China to bring its legal framework in compliance with international human rights norms and standard to ensure enabling environment for civil society including women rights organization.

On Thursday, 23 June morning session oral statement on Tibet will be delivered by Dawa Tsultrim of the Tibet Bureau on behalf of Society for Threatened People (NGO under consultative status with ECOSOC) under Agenda Item 4 General Debate.

– Report filed by Tibet Bureau, Geneva –

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