Celebration of 40th anniversary of Tibetan Association of Dhokham Chushi Gangdrug Europe

Eschenbach (SG): On Saturday, 21st September 2019, Tibetan Association of Dhokham Chushi Gangdruk in Switzerland (Europe) organized 40th anniversary of Chushi Gangdruk in Europe at Eschenbach,Switzerland.
Chiefguests of the Event were: Mr. Lingtsang Tsedor, President of Central Dhotoe Chushigangdruk, special guest Prof.Carole McGranahan,anthropologist and historian, Mr.Kelsang Gyaltsen,former Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mr. Cornel Aerne,Gemeindepresident Eschenbach, Ven. Thupten Legmen & Monks, Rikon Tibet institute, President of France Tibetan Association of Dhotoe Chushi Gangdruk and Belgium Tibetan Association of Dhotoe Chushi Gangduk. Including the Dignitaries, approximately 600 members attended the celebration with full enthusiasm.
The religious service is being observed by Monks of Tibet institute Rikon,for the pacification of all obstacles of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.With full devotion all the members prayed deeply to clear and overcome the obstacle, prayed for the Long life and well being of His Holiness and all sentient beings.
Remembering Adruk Gonpo Tashi, the founder of Chushi Gangdruk and all those who sacrificed their lives for the cause of Tibet, everyone present on the ceremony paid tribute with prayer.
Mr. Dhutsatsang Woesar, the President of Swiss Dhotoe Chushigangduk, in his inaugural address, gave an introductory Speech on the history of Swiss Dhotoe Chushigangduk. Ms. Prof.Carol McGranahan also gave a talk on the story of Dhokham Chushi Gangduk Tensung Mangmi.
Chief guest Mr. Kelsang Gyaltsen,former representative of Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama ,Mr Lingtsang Tsedor and other guest attended the opening ceremony of the Book Release called “RESISTANCE AND UNITY”. This book is about the history of Tibet under the repression of China and also about the role of Dhokham Chushi Gangduk Volunteer Force and life history of Chushi Gangduk Tensung Dhanglang Makchi Jangri Lhagyal.
Colorful Cultural Programme mixed with glimpse of our rich Tibetan Culture and modern Cultural show made the celebration more successful and memorable for all.

Prof.Carole McGranahan (Editor of the “Book Resistance and Unity”)
Carole McGranahan, a specialist in the history and culture of Tibet and the Himalayan region, is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Colorado. She is the author of Arrested Histories: Tibet, the CIA, and Memories of a Forgotten War (Duke University Press, 2010). She is also co-editor, with Ann Laura Stoler and Peter C. Perdue of Imperial Formations (School of American Research Press, 2007), a volume that explores colonialism and empire outside of Europe, and co-editor with John F. Collins of Ethnographies of U.S. Empire (Duke University Press, 2018). With Ann Armbrecht Forbes, she co-wrote the first report on development in Tibet: Developing Tibet?: A Survey of International Development Projects (Cultural Survival and the International Campaign for Tibet, 1992). Her current writing projects include a study of the Pangdatsang family, the leading Tibetan traders in the early 20th century, including a reconsideration of British Empire via Tibet, and further works on the Tibetan resistance army. Her newest research focuses on concepts and practices of citizenship in the global Tibetan refugee diaspora.

The number one question she is asked about her work is how she got interested in Tibet. The short but true answer is that it all began during a semester in Nepal as a study abroad student in 1989. As part of her studies, she lived in the small Himalayan village of Marpha near which is a Tibetan refugee camp. When she returned home it was the stories of Tibet she learned from those refugees that had the biggest impact on her. Twenty years later, she is still learning from their stories and telling them and others for new audiences.

Nyima Arya

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