Appreciation Ceremony Event for Enes Kanter Freedom་and Mr. Tenzin Tsundue in Switzerland

Uster: Sunday, 3rd April2022: Tibetan Community of Switzerland& Liechtenstein organized an Appreciation Ceremony Event for Enes Kanter Freedom and Tenzin Tsundue in Stadthalle,Uster. More than 200 people attended the Ceremony which started at 3pm.

After welcoming the Chiefguest , Special Guest and other dignitaries,the event started with Tibetan National Anthem and a minute of Silence for Martyrs of Tibet followed by Tashi Sholpa Dance by  (Sontsa) Tibetan Youth Association, Horgen.

Ms Karma Choekyi, President of Tibetan Community of Switzerland &Liechtenstein addressed the gathering by welcoming Mr. Enes Kander Freedom, Chiefguest of the Event, famous Basketball Player,NBA Star, thanked him for expressing his solidarity with the sufferings of the Tibetan people inside Tibet under Chinese rule. Mr.Enes Kanter Freedom, who was born in Switzerland, who was raised in Turkey, has been vocal before in defense of various political causes, including criticisms of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He faced death threats and the criminal trial of his father back home as a result.

She appreciated Mr. Enes Kanter Freedom`s decision to be a Voice for the Voiceless by sacrificing his personal and professional Life. It is also a great source of encouragement and hope for the Tibetan people inside Tibet and around the world as well as to all those oppressed under the authoritarian regime of the Chinese government. “She said. She thanked Mr. Freedom for giving up his luxurious Life by standing up for Tibet and East Turkistan, risking threat to his life. Geneva Summit is offering prestigious courage Award to him on 6th April 2022.

Ms. Karma Choekyi thanked Special guest of the Event Mr. Tenzin Tsundue, a Poet, Writer and an Activist, for dedicating his whole life for the cause of Tibet. Mr. Tenzin Tsundue who lives in India, was in Prison for 16 years and has dedicated his life for the freedom of Tibet.

She thanked Ven. Thupten Wangchen, member of Tibetan Parliament in Exile, Ms. Kalden Tsomo and Ms Tenzin Choeyang, Tibet Bureau Geneva, President of Tibetan Woman Association, President of Europe Tibetan Youth Association, Secretary of Mr. Freedom, Swiss-Tibetan Friendship Association and other NGOs and all the public who could be able to attend this Event with their Kids in very short notice.

Ms. Karma Choekyi, President said, we are here for the thanksgiving occasion but I must let you know about the recent two Self immolations in Tibet against CCP`s continued repressions in Tibet.

Tsewang Norbu, a popular 25-year-old contemporary Tibetan singer who reportedly self immolated in late February, has passed away, a reliable source has confirmed.

According to reports by exile media, Tsewang Norbu self immolated on 25 February 2022 in front of the Potala Palace in Tibet’s capital Lhasa. Lhasa is one of the most strictly monitored cities in the world with heavy police presence. Chinese police immediately came to the spot and took him away. With extreme surveillance and monitoring of the flow of information in Tibet, it has become difficult to ascertain details of his self-immolation protest. The cause of his death after the reported self-immolation protest also remains unknown at the moment.

Tsewang Norbu’s families were informed of his passing by the Chinese police on 2 March 2022. However, the authorities have not returned his body to them.

Following protests against the Chinese government in Tibet, including self-immolation protests, the Chinese government immediately imposes heightened restrictions and repression with almost complete censorship of communication. Thus, details about such protests remain unknown for years at times.

Tsewang Norbu was an up and coming star whose songs gained popularity among the Tibetan community at home and abroad. The talented multi-genre artist had appeared in Chinese reality singing competitions similar to “The Voice” and “Idols”. Some of the hit songs include “Dress up”, “Tsampa”, and “Except you” among others. He was son of Sonam Wangmo, a popular and award winning female singer, who was later recruited in Chinese government’s “Song and Dance Troupe”.

The other self-immolation was committed by .81 years old Taphun from Kirti, Ngaba county (incorporated into China’s Sichuan Province) on 27th March 2022

On 27 March, Taphun self-immolated in front of a police station located near Kirti monastery in protest against the Chinese government’s oppression. It was reported that the police took Taphun away after his self-immolation attempt. However, he died later in custody.

81-year-old Taphun was a resident of Meruma nomadic village in Ngaba county. He was always vocal about China’s oppressive policies and inhuman treatment of Tibetans. On his 80th birthday last year, TaPhun had said, “It is certain that the sun of happiness will shine over Tibet due to the blessings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Tibetan millennials should not lose heart!”

Chiefguest of the Event Mr. Enes Kanter freedom said, he was honored to be here with Tibetan Community adding that today it is not about me, but about you Tibetans, about His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and about Freedom. He gave brief introduction of himself and thanked Tibetan Community of Switzerland & Liechtenstein for this Gratitude Event.

During his Talk, Freedom commented:

As I chose to stand for Tibet, I wore shoes with a message “Free Tibet” emblazoned on them, to create awareness of situation in Tibet among my teammates and the world but “Unfortunately, many of my friends in the sports world, they are scared to say a word against China, because they care too much about money, business and endorsement deals. But to me, morals, values and principles are way bigger than any kind of business or endorsement deals that you can get “And you Tibetans are the live example of moral, human values and principles.

Actually, I love the food you people cook, called `Momo. It is one of the tastiest foods that I ever tasted. We actually have a Tibetan cultural center in Boston, and I visited there and they made me a momo, and I actually had four to go boxes and brought it home with me. Because of Ramadan, this evening I cannot have it. But I will visit you Tibetans again and organize a Basketball Camp for Kids and have then Momos too.

I remember when I was a teenager; I was following His Holiness on social media. His talks really inspire me to become a better person. . “I am going to do whatever I can to amplify the peace and the love and unity that he always calls for. He was deeply honored for the virtual audience, and the support and friendship he shared with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. If all the world leaders follow the message of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, there would be no war.

I will say again and again, You Tibetans never ever lose hope and fight for the Freedom. Let the whole World know that “Tibet belongs to Tibetans. I am here to add my voice and speak out about what is happening in Tibet. “

Ven Thupten Wangchen, member of Tibetan Parliament in Exile thanked on behalf of Tibetan Parliament in Exile , Enes Kanter Freedom; “ I have come to learn with great admiration about your advocacy for the rights and freedoms of Tibetans suffering under China`s repressive rule. As a person of your stature, your support has tremendously helped amplify the voices of the Tibetan people. Your support comes at a crucial time when the Chinese government is increasingly and aggressively using its economic clout to threaten the universal values of democracy, freedom and rule of law.” he added.

Mrs. Kalden Tsomo UN Advocacy Officer,expresses deep gratitude toward Mr Enes Kanter Freedom for his resolute stand for human rights and freedom.

Mr Tenzin Tsundue addressed the gathering by thanking Tibetan Community of Switzerland & Liechtenstein for inviting on this event and thanking Switzerland Tibetan Woman Association for organizing his participation (Speech) at Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy.

Mr. Tenzin Tsundue thanked Switzerland Government for being first country accepted Tibetan Refugee more than 60 years before. He continued his talk by saying: As a child he always wanted to work for his country. He was more interested in serving his Country than working for wealth and Status.

He tried to define the real definition of Rangzen/ Rangwang. He commented: We all as a human being have Rangwang that means we have the capacity to free our self innerly. And we must work more on compassion and toleration. I may seem religious but as we know that Buddhism is more philosophy than Religion. The problem we face in the community is only because we lack compassion and toleration.

Souvenir and Khatak was offered by Ms. Karma Choekyi, President of Tibetan Community of Switzerland&Liechtenstein, Ven Thupten Wangchen, member of Tibetan Parliament in Exile, Ms. Tsering Youdon Marsen, President of Switzerland Tibetan Woman Association, and Ms Tashi Tsomo Shitsetsang, President of Europe Tibetan Youth Association to the Chiefguest Mr. Enes Kanter Freedom.

Cultural Programme was performed by Sontsa Tibetan Youth Association; Horgen and Tibetan Community of Luzern.

The Event concluded successfully with Gorshay (Tibeten Circle Dance )

Nyima Arya

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