Celebration of the 30th anniversary of Kalachakra in Rikon

At 09.30 clock, the celebrations began for the 30th anniversary of the in 1985 conducted Kalachakra in Rikon.

In addition to the abbot of the monastic community, former Chitues and the Vice-President of TGSL, took about 50 visitors participate in these celebrations. In the welcoming speech of the Vice-Presidents of TGSL he explained in short blocks topics of the conducted Kalachakra and the finances in this context.

Following the abbot of Tibet Institute explained the meaning of the Kalachakra. After that all participants have been praying for all the brave Tibetans who have died for the cause of Tibet. After the acceptance speech of the Vice-Presidents of TGSL to all participants, the celebrations came to an end.

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