2nd Pawo Tashi Namgyal Memorial Cup Held in Chur

On 31st August 2019 Tibet United FC Graubuenden organized its 2nd football memorial cup in memory of Pawo Tashi Namgyal in Chur. The 2nd Memorial Cup was participated by 6 Tibetan football teams from different parts of Switzerland & Lichtenstein.

The members of the organizing committee in Chur unitedly worked together to bring this second sporting event to a successful conclusion. The participating teams included FC Thundrel, FC Tsampa Sakhen, FC Graubuenden Tibet United, FC Lhakar, FC Umaylam and SC Himalaya.

The matches was played in a sporting spirit for a good cause. The winner FC Tsampa Sakhen and the runner up team FC Umaylam were presented with trophies, medals & a modest sum as prize money .

Pawo Tashi Namgyal sacrificed his life on 7th September 2017 by lying on railway track in Luzern leaving a note stating his sacrifice was to draw attention to the cause of Tibet and to the plight of the Tibetan people seeking asylum in Swiss. His plea to the U.N and the people of the free world to help the Tibetan cause and alleviate the political trauma of the Tibetan brothers and sisters under the brutal Chinese communist regime.

He also humbly urged the Swiss government to grant asylum to the Tibetans seeking asylum. He recalled the sacrifices made by Tibetans inside Tibet through self immolations.

The notes he left behind highlighted :
1) His appeal to the United Nations around the issue of Tibet
2) His hope that the Dalai Lama should be welcomed to Tibet
3) His request that the rights of Tibetan political asylum-seekers in Switzerland – and Tibetans in distress – be recognized
4) His hope that through this non-violent act, the world will become more aware about the Tibetan issue.

The memorial cup concluded with Tibetan national anthem. The organizing committee wishes to continue this memorial sporting event in future with the hope of drawing more participation.

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