August 2015

A Tibetan woman died early Friday, a day after she set herself ablaze in northwest China’s Gansu province in an apparent protest against the demolition of her home by police and officials, sources inside and outside the region said.

In few places are the tensions so palpable, or the resistance so stubborn, as in Aba, known as Ngaba in Tibetan. With only 65,000 people, Aba has been an outsized source of trouble for the Chinese Communist Party for almost as long as the party has

Police in southwestern China’s Sichuan province detained a young Tibetan man this week after he launched a brief protest in a public square, calling out for Tibetan freedom and the return of exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, sources said.

New Delhi — Addressing a conference in New Delhi, focusing the rivers that flow into the sub-continent from Tibet, Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay said "the lives of billions of people living in Asia are at risk as China builds large scale damming of the rivers in Tibet" which provide fresh water to downstream Asian nations., 01.08.2015 - Organized by the Tibetan Community in Switzerland and Liechtenstein (TGSL) on 31.07.2015 in the Tibet Institute the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Kalachakra in 1985 in Rikon in 1985, took place., 01.08.2015 - Organised by the TGSL, VTJE and TFOS, a rally was held on 07.31.2015 with over 350 participants in Geneva at the UN headquarters.